Best Fragrances for Young Men & Teenagers in 2021 – Best Smelling Colognes

Best Cologne for Men

For anyone who enjoys the concept of smelling good and feeling confident at the same time, having the best cologne for young men is something that occurs to be extremely important then.

One may wonder why not any casual cologne from the supermarket would do the job?

…and while they probably will do what a bottle of perfume does, whiteout any issue. They might be irritating for the surrounding, not lasting a full day or projections are next to none. Then it could be a good idea to have a look at the best fragrances for men that have great reviews, and guaranteed will get you a lot of compliments! In our guide on the best perfume for teenage girls, we ended up with quite a collection.

That’s why a good bet for you is to spend some money on a quality perfume. Our list will cover all the way from the most luxury smelling cologne, to the most popular eau de cologne. For anyone who’s looking to have perfume for every occasion!

Several of these fragrances are not for everyone because some are very dependent on occasion, age, or intent.

However, these colognes are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 most suitable perfumes for young men and teens.

Image Product Bottle Size Type
Christian Dior Sauvage Review

Christian Dior Sauvage
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Yves Saint Laurent la Nuit de l’homme Review

Yves Saint Laurent la Nuit
100 ml Eau de toilette Check Price
Versace Eros Review
Versace Eros
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Paco Rabanne 1 Million Review
Paco Rabanne 1 Million
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani Review
Acqua Di Gio
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb review
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb
50 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Dolce and Gabanna The One review
Dolce and Gabanna The One
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Creed Aventus Creed Review
Creed Aventus by Creed
75 ml Eau de Parfum Check Price
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male review
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price
Paco Rabanne Invictus review
Paco Rabanne Invictus
100 ml Eau de Toilette Check Price

You see, when it comes to cologne it’s all about the product itself. Forget year of release or amount of advertising, the great fragrances are usually here to stay year after year, even for today. That’s why some of the perfumes on our list are launched earlier, but they are still the most attractive until a better one comes around.

However, when it comes to colognes, you need to keep in mind that there is no fragrance that everybody in the world likes. There is no song that everybody has as a favorite. But these are the most sold, highest reviewed, most complimented, and appealing fragrances in the market right now.

So, now that we have gone thru some of the formal introductions we can have a look at our reviews and you will find a review of each perfume further down, as well a buyer’s guide at the end to finish it off.

Best Smelling Cologne for Men

A very long lasting and versatile cologne for most occasions. It opens very clean and fruity but with a substantial peppery base. The typical signature scent which makes our top pick!

Sauvage for men is a fragrance inspired by nature. It embodies freedom, openness, raw power, and even the softer touches of the great outdoors. A gentle breeze. An ocean spray. Morning dew: nature’s amazing harnessed into a single scent that leaves heads turning as you walk by. That’s all sales talk, of course. These are the terms with which Dior has marketed their new scent, Sauvage, but does their description hold up? It’s hard to say what a combination of a gentle breeze, ocean spray, a rock baking in the sun, so on and so forth, smells like, but if it is anything like this fragrance the scent is something to strive for.

Dior’s Sauvage is a powerful fragrance from a proven brand that has long ago established itself as a brand to look out for in the fragrance industry. This newest scent only further cements their reputation. Sauvage is a modern and powerful scent that you can count on to last for many hours, making it a good option for those that wear cologne daily. It also blends well with other scents making it a versatile choice. It’s a spicy, woody, masculine scent that is sure to be found pleasing to those around you.

That said, with great power comes great responsibility. If Sauvage has any drawback, it is that it is fairly easy to go overboard with. A couple of sprays will last you all day, but any more than that might be over powering.
What’s verdict? Sauvage is a powerful scent that is well suited both for formal occasions, and day to day use. If you appreciate a natural, masculine fragrance that will stay strong for hours, Sauvage is a great buying opportunity for you.

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Sexiest, Soft & Sweet Perfume

We love this sent with an excellent sexy smell. This is the real deal with a unique lovely scent, with a touch of a lavender. You’ll get so many complements when wearing this sent!

This fragrance markets itself as the place between restraint and abandon—a powerful, sensual scent that that is as magnetic as it is elegant. More sales talk, of course, but once again we ask ourselves, does the marketing hold true?

La Nuit De L’homme is a classic scent with touches of cedar and lavender. The base scent also features touches of cumin and vetiver.

What we like about this fragrance is that it accomplishes a masculine scent with classic tones like cedar which manage to be striking without overpowering the room the same way that contemporary scents tend to. And of course, like the last fragrance that we looked at, it also comes from a classic and well-established manufacturer that guarantees quality.

When should you wear La Nuit De L’homme? The scent is a little bit subtler than the last one which makes it an appropriate choice for the office, or a date. Remember, this is a fragrance for the confident man. It doesn’t overpower the room, it speaks for itself with quieter but classic, elegant tones. It’s appropriate for whatever setting you choose but it also won’t last quite as long as the Sauvage so if you do decide to use it as a workplace cologne you might find yourself in need of a refresher spray towards the evening. Is that a con? It depends on your perspective. The lower cost makes the refresher spray very affordable but to each their own.

We think that the elegant, classic scent is a worthwhile buy that will leave you pleased with your purchase.

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Great Fragrance for Younger Men

A long lasting affordable scent for most occasions. A fresh and fruity smell with great projection. Perfect for younger men as well as teenagers!

Eros is a scent marketed around the rich history of Greek mythology. Will it make you smell like a Greek god? It’s hard to say, but it does come in an elegant bottle with clear Greek influence. Everything about the scent is fresh, from the turquois bottle all the way to the earthy, woody undertones.

The scent consists of mint oil with green apple and touches of Italian lemon. It’s a strong scent that you can count on to last all day. Just spray the fragrance on your wrist, rub it gently along your neck and enjoy.

Due to how long it lasts, as well as the price (it’s the most affordable fragrance that we have taken a look at so far) this is a good scent to use for daily use. However, it also is of a very high-quality, which makes it a good choice for date night as well.
Of course, it is natural to wonder if there are any cons. Well to be fair, every product has cons but with Eros, the cons are fairly minimal. One thing you always need to be careful with when it comes to stronger scents is using too much. If you spray this cologne on the same way you would a gentler fragrance, it’s probably not going to be well-received.

Dose Eros just right, however, and you and the people around you will enjoy an elegant fragrance that is perfect for any occasion. If you want a powerful fragrance for an affordable price that this is a good option for you.

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Luxury Cologne for Men

It’s strong, masculine, and fresh fruity smell to let you stand out for those special nights. Offers a quite subtle yet, pleasant smell for everybody in a very luxury and beautiful bottle

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million is exactly as flashy as the name suggests it will be, and the manufacturer lets it be known with every single detail. The packaging is the first thing that will catch your eye—an elegant gold that strikingly bears the name: 1 Million, an obvious title given the box and bottle alone.

But what of the fragrance itself? Does it live up to its elegant name and packaging? That would be a resounding yes! 1 Million bears a spiced, fruity scent with touches of blonde wood and leather that suggest masculinity, power, wealth, and classic elegance. To put it simply, the scent is as rich as the name suggests.

This scent is dominated by its spicy components, while the rest of its touches rest on the subtler side. While many find a spicy cologne to be an enchanting and seductive option for date night or even a cocktail party, there are others who find it overpowering. Needless to say, you will have to decide for yourself which side of the equation you fall under.

For those wondering when to wear this cologne, 1 Million is a powerful scent but it hasn’t been known to last for as long as some of the other colognes that we have observed. Because of that, and just the essence of the scent in general, it is an excellent fragrance to consider for a date, party, or other special occasions.

It is also worth mentioning that it tends to sell for a price point that favors the higher end of the spectrum in terms of the other colognes we have looked at on this list (though it is available for a lot less than the name suggests). Overall, it is a good buy, but perhaps not the ideal scent to wear to work.

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Classy and Elegant Cologne

A classic soft and mild tropical scent that have been around for a very long time because of its iconic and recognizable smell. With so many years within the top selling perfumes, you can’t go wrong. It was been approved again and again!

You would be hard put to find a brand more instantly recognizable than Giorgio Armani. The brand has a long-standing reputation for making quality fragrances that draw the attention of a room to you in the most amazing way possible. Still, you can’t judge a new product based on older products, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Acqua Di Gio Eau is a classic and elegant scent that has taken its inspiration from the sea to create a robust, natural fragrance with touches of timber and fresh Mediterranean atmosphere that calls to mind some of nature’s greatest delights: the warmth of the sun and the power of the ocean.

More sales language, I know, but in this instance, it is pretty valid. The mandarin, orange, lemon, and lime at work in this fragrance to indeed promote the tropical scent that the bottle advertises, making it an excellent choice if that is the effect that you are looking for.

Like the last scent that we observed there is a spiced component to this bottle but that spice is softened by the wood accents at play, which makes the cologne a little bit more mild. It is a musky, citrusy scent that has been a classic ever since it first debuted in 1996.

That’s right. 1996. This fragrance has been around for the last twenty years for a reason. It’s elegant, classy, and without question a prime opportunity for those fond of the unique scent. It’s mild enough to be good for any occasion, but unique enough to make for a great date scent.

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Slightly Sweet & Long Lasting Cologne

This really lives up to its name, a spicebomb! A strong long lasting cologne with great staying power. A unique blend of fruits and spices like bergamot, grapefruit, pepper and cinnamon.

The bottle of Viktor and Rolf’s Spicebomb is enough to draw the eye as you scan the shelf. Spicebomb is an appropriate name if only for the container: a bottle fit to look like a hand grenade. Perhaps not as elegant as the head of Medusa, or the all gold bottle of the 1 Million fragrance, but still effective, and certainly representative of the scent that you are getting.

Obviously, it is a peppery fragrance. The spicy component of this scent is made up of pepper cinnamon, leather, and tobacco. The peppery cocktail creates an explosive, seductive scent that offers a brilliantly bold option for any date night.

Like many of the colognes that we have looked for on this list it can fit most situations, but given how bold and unique it is, it may favor special occasions more than it does time in the office.

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Great Casual & Everyday Cologne

You have probably already smelled this scent as it’s one of the most popular cologne the past recent years. A classy and lasting fragrance for everyday use.

Dolce and Gabanna is another classic brand that typically guarantees a pleasant experience. Once again, however, we can’t judge a new fragrance on the quality of the scents that came before it. That being the case, let’s take a closer look at Dolce and Gabanna’s, The One.

The One is the perfect scent for those looking for a distinctly masculine fragrance. The scent features base aromas from tobacco, amber, and cedar. Meanwhile, its top notes are defined by grapefruit, coriander and basil, which offer a peppery, zesty component that contributes to the boldness of the scent.

The verdict? The One follows the modern tradition of boldness while simultaneously drawing from classic scents to create a fragrance that is perfect for everyday use. Of course, if you decide to bust it out for date night, chances are your significant other won’t be disappointed.

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Top Niche Fragrance

This sensual and masculine scent is not something you’ll come across often. As it’s the most expensive on this list you will have less chance of meeting someone with the same fragrance as you. However, you should probably try a sample before going all in on a whole bottle!

Creed Aventus is a fragrance that the manufacturers describe as being inspired by the life of Emperor Napoleon. However, we have a difficult time conceptualizing what that might have smelled like, but if it was anything like this fragrance, it is no wonder the man enjoyed as much success as he did.

Aventus is a powerful, masculine scent accented by oak, moss, musk, and vanilla, with top notes of apple, pineapple, and blackcurrant, with romantic heart notes of rose, jasmine and birch.
These scents make for a fragrance that is powerful, masculine, and romantic. Aventus is unequivocally a special occasion cologne. The price of the bottle alone (which by a very significant margin is the highest featured so far on this list) is enough to make one hesitate to break it out too often.

Price aside, the scent is unique, intimate, and preferably shared with someone important to you. If you are looking for an elegant way to spice up date night, Aventus is a good option for you.

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Sophisticated Smelling Fragrance

Le Male is a very common fragrance, which is kinda understandable. It’s a fresh spicy and vanilla smell that works amazing in its combination. A very pleasant smell that will fit in many situations.

The boldness of this scent begins with the bottle, a turquois piece designed to take the shape of the male physique. Of course, a provocative container is not enough to make a cologne worth your time. The scent, in this case, says more than the unique bottle ever could.

The manufacturers describe this cologne as one of contrasts, and that is true at least in regards to the way it has so pleasingly blended the old with the new.

Le Male is a classic fragrance with delightful modern components that give the scent a powerful but sophisticated presence in every room. The base of this cologne features notes of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedar, gentle smells that succeed at being simultaneously mild and masculine.

Meanwhile, the heart is composed of cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom: bolder scents that contribute to the powerful presence of this fragrance.

Finally, Le Male boasts top notes of mint lavender and bergamot. The result is a scent that is versatile enough to be effectively used for day to day use or for special occasions.

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Classic Everyday Fragrance

A perfect casual every day fragrance with a sweet yet mild scent. Relativity long lasting with a woody base and marine and grapefruit tops!

The final fragrance that we will be looking at on this list definitely takes after modern customs, offering a distinct bold scent that the modern man can appreciate.

Invictus is a more casual cologne that is perfect for daily use. It also happens to be in the mid-range of the price spectrum, which means you won’t have to feel bad about using it regularly.

Invictus features a woody base that consists of oak moss, ambergris, guaiac wood and patchouli, which actually helps to establish a classic, elegant foundation that is a little bit subtler in nature than some contemporary scents.

The heart notes consist of bay leaf and jasmine, then lead into the top notes: grapefruit, orange, and sea notes. The final product is a fresh scent that succeeds at being bold while simultaneously drawing upon classic components to create an elegant option for young and old men alike.

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

fragrance for men

Fragrances for Young Men – Buying Considerations

Now that we have taken a look at what is out there, let’s examine some buying considerations that will help you make your final choice.

Price per bottle

Let’s get the most obvious buying consideration out of the way first, shall we? It’s no secret that everyone has a budget. If you paid attention to the price of the items on the list (and I am sure that you did) you probably realized that cost can vary pretty significantly when it comes to buying cologne. Fortunately, even on a tighter budget, you can get some pretty good cologne. Granted, for most of them, the sticker price is a little bit more than most people love to spend on a single item, but keep in mind if you spray conservatively (which is generally good practice for cologne use anyway) your bottle is going to last a long time, even if you use it every day.

Fragrance notes 

We talked about notes pretty extensively in the list above, and there is a good reason for it. The notes (examples would be cedar, vanilla, tobacco, etc) are what give the cologne their distinct scent. When choosing a cologne based on its notes, one thing you should consider is where you plan to wear the fragrance. If it is to be set aside for date nights and other special occasions, something bold, spicy and sensual may be appropriate. 

That said, you probably don’t want to be bold, spicy or sensual in your place of work. For everyday use, you may consider a fragrance that is a little bit milder in nature. Of course, the ultimate consideration when it comes to fragrance notes is how you (and your significant other) react to the scent. If you like it, it’s a winner.

Brand Name 

Buying a big brand scent doesn’t always mean you are getting the perfect possible product for you, but it is nevertheless hard to deny that brand is a fairly significant component of fragrance culture. Not only do you want your fragrance to command a room, but there is also a level of prestige to wearing a scent that people can readily identify. Oh, you’re wearing Dolce and Gabanna, they say as they draw closer. Is the recognition factor necessary? 

Of course not, it is entirely superfluous to the overall function of the cologne, but there is no shame in wanting it. Even though established brands change their scents around a bit each year there are still classic accents that make some major brands instantly recognizable regardless of the batch that your cologne came from, so if you are looking for some recognition, you may have to shell out a few extra dollars to buy from one of the big guys.

Strength, Longevity and Projection

You definitely want a cologne with a degree of strength: it’s what draws the attention of the people around you and it is also what helps to ensure that the fragrance lasts a long time. That said, you also need to be careful about getting a fragrance with more strength than you can handle—especially if you are heavy handed with the spray bottle. 

Everybody knows someone who smells too much of cologne, and frankly, most people don’t want to stand next to him. The solution is to find a cologne that is strong enough to last as long as you need it to but contained enough not to drive away your friends and coworkers.

Try Before You Buy 

As you shop around for cologne you see a lot of silly sentences like “the perfect blend of north facing rock moss and dune breeze.” It doesn’t mean much of anything, which is actually rather unfortunate for the discerning shopper trying to make their buying decision. If unique marketing phrases are making it difficult for you to determine which scent mostly suits your needs, head on down to your local department store. They will be more than pleased to give you a few samples.


There is a lot out there, I know, and given the price tags that can sometimes come with a bottle of cologne, it probably feels like a lot to consider. The good news is that every single one of the options highlighted above are of a high enough quality that you can rest assured you are getting something good out of all of them.

More importantly though, just remember that while everyone may get the chance to smell your cologne, your opinion is the one that matters the most. Shop for a scent that you find appealing and you can’t go wrong.

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