Best iPhone X Cases in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best iPhone X Cases

If you got the previous Apple release, the iPhone X, it might be a good idea to have a look at a well protected case.

As we all know glass shatters pretty easy, and with glass at both sides means Apple’s new iPhone are more fragile than ever before.
Finding a great and protecting iPhone X case can be quite a challenge as the range of cases is nearly unlimited these days.

We hope this list helps you pick out the best case for your needs.

Best iPhone X Cases 2021

When it comes to buying iPhone X cases, the experience is a little different than purchasing for the old models. We have new things that we’ve taken a really good look at, as in terms of new model size, functionality, protection and design.

These are our top picks for cases to buy!

Best iPhone X Case

An excellent and stylish case that are both flexible & protective at the same time. Spigen has some of the mose pleasing cases on the market.

This case is kind of a combination of hard and flexible case. Its timeless look is made of a two-part design to keep protection packed in a slim layer. The first part is a patterned TPU plastic that adds grip without dust build-up. And as a frame around you have shock-absorbing polycarbonate bumper.

A quite unique design to say at least, but with a flexible case and rigid bumper frame come together to handle impact while keeping the screen and camera contact-free. However, installation and removing the case is a little more hustle than a regular case, but hopefully you wont remove the case to often.

The Neo armor case are light-weighted and pocket-friendly to fit to any lifestyle. Experience a new standard of protection, functions and style with the iPhone X.

Hence the name hybrid and you will easily understand the frame construction, its almost like they tried to take the best of both worlds and combining it into a new case.

A perfect combination for a flexible and grip-able case, but at the same time have the benefits of a hard case. The metallic frame makes the case handle impacts with ease.

Currently available in five different color combinations with a metallic frame in either black, silver or gold. The finish on this case is extremely well made, and with buttons that has great feedback for the user.


Protective Case for iPhone X

Are you looking for a heavy duty case that will withstand some heavy use, then this is for you. Caseology’s rugged dual layer design are ideal for protection!

Caseology is a top selling company that has perfected the the art of iPhone cases.

They have been in the game for many years. Release after release, their cases are always considered as one of top cases you can find.

The quality is superb with a stylish and elegant look to it. It has a slim profile as one may prefer, the iPhone X takes up quite some space in the pocket already. Their latest lineup of cases is impressive and have evolved since the latest model noticeable in both feel and look.

As we’re looking at their latest creation we had to review it as a new product on the market. Although we knew it’s good record and luxury look, the protection aspect is always a new challenge in engineering a case.

With a excellent protective dual layer design with high-grade materials it became quite clear Caseology had done it again. With materials being TPU and PC for increased shock protection, it holds up safe against drops in the ground. Here we have a very well made case, where both design, functionality and protection works hand in hand. The buttons on the case have a crisp feedback.

There is currently four different colors and designs to choose from, which is it’s only downside. However, the sleek and elegant look is unique and breaths high quality.

If you are looking for a case that are sophisticated, practical and heavy duty protected. The Caseology are great!

Scratch Resistant Lightweight Case

A minimalist case with a slim fit. Perfect if you don’t really want to add thickness to your already slim phone, yet still have some protection.

Next up we have the brand Spigen. The best clean and simple case that probably will fit the most. Available in many different colors for everyone’s liking. The material is made of a non slip matte surface, almost as in a high quality rubber feel. It’s so thin it will support magnetic car mounts.

Unlike the first case this have open buttons on the sides, so you still can have the famous original click response and quick accessibility the the most useful buttons. However, open or closed buttons is something to consider when choosing a iPhone case.

The Spigen case i available in five colors. You can get it in blush gold, champagne gold, white, matte black and metallic red. There is no difference other than that between the cases.

Some people just prefer a slim and minimalist style to their case, this is definitely the case for them.

A nice little detail is a small protecting ring around the camera lens, which will protect the camera from scratches when laying down. To sum it up, a perfect case for the one who mainly wants to protect their iPhone from various scratches with a sleek look. If you are known to drop you phone regularly, you should probably look for a more protective case for drop impacts.


Flexible, Slim & Colored Cases

A very slim and matte finished case that add grip. However, the protection is near as with no case. But you will save your phone from scratches!

The guys over at ESR are back at it again, with the new iPhone X release they wasn’t late with their new minimal collection. Unlike the other products above, this case is a flexible case. Which means it’s made of a soft material and is bendable, with somewhat elastic attribute.

This enable a really nice and snug fit around the phone, with a thin and weightless profile. It also supports wireless charging whiteout taking off the case from the phone. Extremely easy to install and remove whiteout any twists.

However, a downside is the lack of colors to choose from currently. Hopefully this will change as it’s still an early market for the X model. Right now are only the colors black and rose gold available to purchase.

This case is mainly for those who want to protect their iPhone from scratches and wear, yet have a thin and unnoticeable feeling to the case.

Raised lip for screen and lens will protect your screen and camera from dust and damages. The finish is really appealing with a matte luxury look to it. It gives the texture a silky smooth feel which makes the touch delicate and fine to the user.


Crystal Clear iPhone X Case

A clear case that will be almost unnoticeable applied on your phone. Very flexible but lacking drop protection. 

We can’t forget the classic clear transparent case! This timeless case by ESR are flexible, but deform resistant. It means it’s hard to deform the case if getting bent. The material is a durable TPU material that offers you an excellent grip-able surface for your hand.

As this is probably the least shock absorbing case when encountered by impacts, the company who manufacture this came up with a quite nice idea. The corners are reinforced by 50% thickness to protect the phone against drops, impacts and other damage. Sure, you probably can’t compare it with a heavy duty case. But it’s a nice little detail that can save you big time!

As it’s so thin and lightweight it supports wireless charging without a problem. It also have a raised bezel around screen and camera that helps to protect tabletops and other surfaces, which is more or less standard on cases now a days.

This type of case is always a popular choice. Simply because some doesn’t want to take away the original look of the iPhone, yet have it protected from wear and tear.

And we can’t blame them, the phone is beautiful, but expensive. Therefore this is the best option for those who want to keep it clean and simple, but at the same time being smart. Also with a transparent back, the possibilities for customization is there for the creative minds.


iPhone X Wallet Case

Some prefer to combine their wallet with ones phone. Keeping it all in one place, right? This is the best wallet case in our testing!

This luxury looking leather wallet case has a left-turning cover that easily will protect your smartphone from wear and tear. And as a bonus act as wallet for cards, money, etc. The design is very simple with a classic feel.

The case has curved edges so it will not make marks on your jeans after some wear. The profile is rather thin as its meant for cards mainly. However, it will minimize bulk & weight. If you are looking for a case to stuff coins and money into, this is not the one for you.

It offers three card slots and a small money pocket, preferably for bills. A big plus with wallet cases is that it offer protection from every angle when closed, and while surrounded with leather the phone will withstand quite a bit!

A nice details is that you can use the cover as kickstand future for looking at your phone horizontal on a table. In other words: easily converted into a stand case for video watching & messaging.

A classic looking leather case for those who wants to have their cards and cash with them, without having to take your wallet with you.

The camera has a cut out hole at the back, so you can still use the camera as usual. However, opening the cover 180 degrees will block the sight.


Waterproof Case for iPhone X

Universal waterproof case that works as a dry bag. Perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling or water activities!

As a little bonus and honorable mention we would like to touch the best waterproof case. Sure, the design is nothing compared to other cases but that is not its functionality. Many times then we go for water activities, like the beach, we wish we had a case that truly could resist water. As well trust to the fullest. This waterproof iPhone X case is amazing for this situation, it allows you to even film and take pictures under water.

As a bonus, it can also be used to protect from sand, dust or sunscreen at the vacation. It may not be suit as a case for the office, and definitely not you use on a daily basis. But it’s still a nice addition to your cases collection, when a good situation comes you just wish you had one of these!

A tip if you are going to use this in wet condition is to try not open the case during your trip, opening the case in hot weather can result in condensation building up inside the case. Which, on the contrary, the purpose to protect against water. However, it probably will not damage your phone but it can make your videos and pictures foggy and unsharp.

Good quality and easy to use – just make sure the clips on the top are locked securely before use in the water. The case also comes with a band which u can attach around your arm wrist or neck, that hopefully makes sure you don’t loose your new iPhone! Definitively the best waterproof on the market right now with a lot of satisfied customers.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

iPhone X Cases – Buyer’s Guide

The market for cases are growing each year, but with that the quality range differs both ways. We wanted to find the best products available with great customers reviews. We looked at products that were best at different uses, as well to help you choose the right case for your applications and lifestyle.

Smartphones is easily one of the most essential things we bring with us everyday. Without it many regular every day tasks gets complicated, and having to borrow a phone while yours are in for a repair isn’t something one are looking forward to.

And not to speak of the money it costs to repair a broken screen. Especially in the early release, before the prices has dropped somewhat. Protecting your iPhone can save you quite a buck to say at least. Also, keeping the condition of the phone close to new as possible will increase the second-hand price. Win-win!

Things you should look for in iPhone X Cases

When buying a case for your smartphone, you first need to ask yourself, which criteria you have for the fields of use? Are you mainly looking for impact resistance or just protection from regular use. Many cases offer heavy-duty material that really makes sure it can take some bounces, which on the downside will result in a thicker and bulkier case.

Others have a thin and slim profile who mainly will protect from scratches and dust. It will be more unnoticeable in your hand. However, whatever you choose, you should consider if you are willing to risk a broken phone or maybe are a careful owner.

The second thing you should have a look at is the design. The amount of different aesthetic appealing cases can be quite overwhelming. But you should really have good look at reviews before buying with a first impression. However, if the case doesn’t look somewhat representative, you will probably don’t use it anyway.


The cases which managed to stand out to us the most were the ones that had a good combination in both protection and a sleek design.

Thanks to the incredible build quality, clean look, and great grip with nice feedback in the buttons, choosing the Caseology case as our favorite pick wasn’t a difficult decision.

Anyway, if you feel that we left out some other great iPhone cases, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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