Dior Sauvage Review 2021 – Fragrance by Christian Dior

The bottom line: A very long lasting and versatile cologne for most occasions. It opens very clean and fruity but with a substantial peppery base. The typical signature that every man needs in their collection.

Performance: ★★★★

Versatility: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★

Top Notes:

Middle Notes:

Base Notes:

Dior Sauvage for men is a cologne inspired by nature. The latest masterpiece from Dior, a game changer in the fragrance world. This scent will get you compliments from right to left as you pass by. The scent itself is very well put together, has a powerful smell inspired by the wild. Advertised as the blue sky that covers rocky landscapes, hot under the desert sun with the famous actor Johnny Depp.

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Sauvage is a fresh and intense scent that you can count on to last for multiple hours, making it an excellent choice for those that use cologne everyday. It also blends well with other scents making it a versatile choice. It’s a spicy, woody, masculine scent that is sure to be found pleasing to those around you.

Longevity of Dior Sauvage

The performance of this fragrance is good, it will last you for a full day easily, and we would consider it in the long-lasting category. You can count on at least 8-10 hours while using it, after that the smell is more noticeable in close encounters.


Dior Sauvage is amazingly versatile, and you can use it all around the year including both summer and winter. As the scent is not sweet like for example Paco Rabanne 1 Million, it works for every temperature. One of the best colognes on the market!

Sauvage Smell & Notes

The most noticeable base notes are pepper, bergamot, ambroxan and lavender. The opening has a nice citrus smell to it, going forward to a more woody or earthy fragrance. It’s very masculine and works for every occasion. The sillage is powerful for the first two hours, and declining after that. To solve this you could reapply the scent, but we would not recommend that as it could get overwhelming for both user and the environment.

It’s a signature that everyone should own; you can’t really go wrong with this one as it works for both the office, wedding or the club. Which is quite amazing to archive.

This cologne is perfect as the Eau de Toilette version and makes for a lovely gift or to your self. The EDT version has better smell and composition than the perfume; we would highly recommend that. There is also a spray version of the scent which is closer to the scent we all love. Eiter way, it smells amazing!


With that said, with great strength comes great responsibility. If Sauvage has any drawback, it is that it is reasonably easy to go overboard with. A couple of sprays will last you all day, but any more than that might be overpowering.

Sauvage is a favorite scent that is well suited both for formal occasions, and your everyday life. If you appreciate a natural, masculine fragrance that will stay strong for hours, Sauvage is the best buying opportunity for you.

Sauvage for men is a scent inspired by nature. It embodies freedom, openness, raw power, and even the softer touches of the great outdoors. A gentle breeze. An ocean spray. Morning dew: nature’s amazing harnessed into a single scent that leaves heads turning as you walk by. That’s all sales talk, of course.

These are the terms with which Dior has marketed their new scent, Sauvage, but does their description hold up? It’s hard to say what a combination of a gentle breeze, ocean spray, a rock baking in the sun, so on and so forth, smells like, but if it is anything like what this fragrance smells like, then the smell is fantastic!