Jean Paul Gaultier le Male Review 2021

The bottom line: Le Male is a very common fragrance, which is kinda understandable. It’s a fresh spicy and vanilla smell that works amazing in its combination. A very pleasant smell that will fit in many situations.

Performance: ★★★★

Versatility: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★

Top Notes:

Middle Notes:

Base Notes:

The boldness of this scent begins with the bottle, a turquoise piece designed to take the shape of the male physique. Of course, a provocative container is not enough to make a cologne worth your time. The scent, in this case, says more than the unique bottle ever could.

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Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier was first introduced in 1995 and is still one of the most popular male fragrances of all times. It’s been a heavy influencer in how masculine scents have evolved since then. A true classic that every fragrance lover should at least smell before turning it down.

Longevity of Jean Paul Gaultier le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male’s performance is excellent. Apply it on your chest, wrist, and neck, and you can expect at least 6-7 hours of it. It not amazing compared to other fragrances, but its pretty standard nowadays. We would consider it in the long-lasting category, after that the smell is more noticeable in close encounters.

The projection and sillage are high at first but decrease rapidly after that. Count at around 3-4 hours of great projection.


For its price, the versatility is great. The scent is rather inexpensive and is vanilla, sweet fragrance. It’s very inoffensive and works for most occasions, from everyday life to more flirty situations. However, it works at its best in spring and summer time. In winter it’s a little too sweet.

The manufacturers describe this cologne as one of the contrasts, and that is true at least in regards to the way it has so pleasingly blended the old with the new.

Jean Paul Gaultier le Male Smell & Notes

Le Male is a classic fragrance with delightful modern components that give the scent a powerful but sophisticated presence in every room. The base of this cologne features notes of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedar, gentle smells that succeed at being simultaneously mild and masculine.

Meanwhile, the heart is composed of cinnamon, cumin, and orange blossom: bolder scents that contribute to the powerful presence of this fragrance.


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is probably one of the fragrances that have been copied the most during its years of existence. Le Male will probably remain as one of the top scents for all time, because of its innovative formula that really evolved the fragrance world.

You will receive a lot of compliments while wearing this scent. However, has the performance been decreased because of various reformulations. But the performance was unreal before, reported to last up to 24 hours, so it’s still an excellent choice with its current state. Le Male will offer you a pleasant experience that will not offend anyone but will boost your confidence.