Yves Saint Laurent la Nuit de l’homme Review 2021

The bottom line: You’ll love this sent with a beautiful sexy smell. This is the real deal with a unique, lovely scent, with a touch of lavender. You’ll get so many complements when wearing this sent!

Performance: ★★★★★

Versatility: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★

Top Notes:

Middle Notes:

Base Notes:

La Nuit De L’homme is a classic scent with touches of cedar and lavender. The base scent also features touches of cardamom, bergamot, and vetiver. The scent is sweet modern date night fragrance, but also just lovely to wear whenever you feel. But definitely a more sexual feeling to it. Cardamon is the note that stands out the most, with a delightful smell that wants you to get ever closer.

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However, the formula has been changed during the years resulting in that the performance has decreased. But the smell itself is the same. We would recommend reapplying this scent if you plan to use it during a full day, but to be honest, it is most suitable for nights and here it will performance at its best.

Longevity of Saint Laurent la Nuit de l’homme

The performance of this fragrance is average, it will last you for a full night, and we would consider it in the mediocre category. You can count on at least 5 hours while using it, after that the smell is more noticeable in close encounters. Which is where this fragrance works best.


Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l’homme is very versatile but also more of a date-type scent, and you can use it all around the year. Wearing it in your every-day life won’t irritate your surroundings, more the other way around. However, its worth noting that it has gone thru various reformulations that have impacted the performance grade. But if its one fragrance where you can overlook this problem, this is the one for sure!

La Nuit de l’homme Smell & Notes

Yves Saint Laurent’s fragrance has really accomplished a masculine scent with excellent tones like cardamom which manage to be lovely without overwhelming the place the same way that modern scents tend to. In short; its a really inoffensive scent that will increase your confidence. And of course, it also comes from a well-known and well-established company that ensures excellent quality.

The most robust notes are lavender and cardamom, which works amazingly together. It seems like everyone likes this, women especially.


The fragrance is a little bit subtler which makes it an appropriate choice for the everyday life, or a date. Remember, this is a fragrance for the confident man. It doesn’t overwhelm the room, it speaks for itself with lovely and sexy tones.

This fragrance markets itself as the place between restraint and abandon—a powerful, sensual scent that that is as magnetic as it is elegant. 

It’s appropriate for whatever environment you choose, but it also won’t last quite as long as the Dior Sauvage so if you do decide to use it as your signature cologne you might find yourself in need of a refresher spray towards the evening. Is that a con? It depends on your perspective. The lower cost makes the refresher spray very affordable but to each their own.

We think that the elegant, classic scent is a worthwhile buy that will give you a lot of compliments.